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hprarestpairest's Journal

Write an HP Pairing's First Fic!
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Common wisdom says that a fic has been written for every possible Harry Potter pairing. But the more you think about it, you realize it can't be true. All those characters - every last student, professor, ghost, portrait, Order member, Ministry worker, Muggle, non-human, and person who appeared once in one sentence - have all been paired with every other character? No way.

hprarestpairest is the community where you can be the first one to write a fic for a specific pairing. How?

1. Think of a pairing you believe has never been written before in a fic.

2. Post with the name of that pairing as both the subject and the body of the entry.

3. Other people will look at your entry and tell you if they have seen this pairing in a fic before. They have forty days in which to do so.

4. If no one tells you they've seen the pairing before, go ahead and write and post a fic for it. Fics must be at least 500 words and may be any genre or rating, as long as they include the pairing you picked and are labelled and rated appropriately. The fics must also be posted twenty days after the forty days expires, or sixty days from when you proposed the pairing. Congratulations! You're the first person on the whole Internet - as far as anyone can tell - to write a fic for that pairing!

A few more rules:

1. It's totally understandable if you look at a pairing someone else proposes and think, "Oh, man, I wish I'd thought of that one!" Go ahead and write a fic for it if you want, but please don't post it anywhere until the person who brought it up has posted their fic first. If their sixty days are over and they haven't posted the fic yet, you may post yours here.

2. To propose a pairing is to sign on to write a fic for that pairing. Don't suggest pairings if you don't intend to write fics for them.

3. If someone proposes a pairing and you've seen a fic for that pairing before, please leave a comment to that effect in their entry. You don't have to have a link, author, or title if you can't remember them, but you should at least be able to say something along the lines of, "This was three years ago, but I read a fic for that pairing; I don't remember what it was called, but X caught Y looking through X's stuff and then they had sex and talked about Voldemort." (Or whatever the summary is!) Don't be mean and claim you've seen a fic for a pairing when you haven't.

4. You don't have to be a member of the community to comment and say that you've seen a fic for a particular pairing.

5. Time travel is allowed as a means to have your couple meet.

6. Characters that exist only in one of JKR's interviews, though not your mod's cup of tea, are allowed. However, original characters or characters that are not mentioned anywhere in the books or interviews are not allowed as part of your pairing.

Have fun, guys! I'm excited about this idea and I hope a lot of people join. Questions can be asked at the questions post.
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