Aspiring Matriarch (holyfant) wrote in hprarestpairest,
Aspiring Matriarch


Me and my friend hidden_tugboats would like to know if anyone's ever come across some dementor!sex stories? Serious and dark or funny and full of crack - we're up for it!

If no one's ever seen it, I fully intend to write it. So I secretly wish no one's seen it. :)
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Aw, come on! Even if someone's already written a Dementor/Dementor fic you should still join in the fun! :)

No Soul For A Kiss
Ooh, awesome. I shall read it later, after studying.

And you're right, of course. I should still write it. *goes on to-write list, which is getting longer and less manageable every second*

Thanks :)
lol, I know what you mean about an ever-growing to-write list. If I somehow managed to ever finish mine it would be a 3000 page epic.

Good luck in writing it!